About us

We are an international company (LTD) specialising in educational consultancy for schools, colleges and universities. We are able to support institutions in  student recruitment, retention and achievement. Focus Learning support was established in 2003 as a Limited Liability Company registered under the UK Companies House with primary aim of providing educational support to young people, working with the colleges and universities to promote student recruitment, retention and achievement. Our main recruitment drive is focused on the international market to attract overseas students into UK universities and colleges; and especially targeting students from the third world countries, given them the privilege to acquire British Education to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge required for a better employment opportunities and obtain relevant qualifications to support the development of their entire community and nation.

Our student recruitment drive includes:

  • assist potential students seek entry into a programme of choice in a UK based approved education institutions
  • supervise potential applicants for a programme of study supporting them from pre-application forms through to the end of their course
  • counsel students to select a suitable undergraduate and postgraduate degree programme
  • work with the universities and colleges' accommodation office and estate agents to seek  suitable accommodation for oversea students
  • provide advice to the universities and colleges for suitable programmes for the UK and oversea students
  • organise conferences and seminars to integrate oversea students into the British educational system and culture; and provide continuous support throughout the programme on visa application and other course related issues.
  • organise marketing and recruitment campaigns abroad to recruit potential students into UK Colleges and universities

Our core values:

We do our best to advance community cohesion and integration through education and developmental activities. We work to respect cultural differences, encourage community cohesion and integration as means of existing as one community. We work in collaboration and partnership with community members, local councils and education institutions to bring about effective change and development. We focus mainly on education, training and development, safe and conducive environment, and engaging the youth on positive thinking and career development.

Our beliefs:

We believe that development thrives under harmony and that harmony exists through recognition of unity and diversity. We also believe that development means due respect to set rules and by letting people have access to their future through the acquisition of basic knowledge and recognized skills that  engage students who can then focus on academic and career development for a better future.

Our activities:

International student recruitment into UK Colleges/Universities

  • Manage international student recruitment, recruiting mainly from the Third World countries targeting especially Africa including Rivers State and Byssa States in Nigeria
  • Assist with visa application and accommodation to study in the UK
  • Provide welfare support to overseas students to cope with their academic studies in UK
  • Provide Educational Support on strategies promoting student retention and achievement
  • Working with schools, colleges, universities, parents and other stakeholders giving motivational seminars with experienced and qualified staff on tips for academic success as well as involving parents to support academic success.
  • Deliver management training and development activities
  • Organise conferences and seminars at national and international level, including research and publication activities
  • Offer Supplementary Saturday School
  • Available for consultancy and Project management including HR-Managing Change
  • We have TV show aired on Ben TV, Sky 184 on Tuesday 6-7pm and RS TV Nigeria every Friday 5.30-6pm.
  • Contact: focuslearningsupport@googlemail.com or www.focuslearningsupport.org.uk
  • or Phone us: +44 (0) 7738680078 or 0+44 (0) 7404564809