Help with Applying

Support for students to study in the UK

FLS support package

Focus Learning Support works with institutions in Nigeria, in particular in River State and Bayelsa State, to recruit students to high quality degree courses in UK universities and to organise and deliver motivational seminar and conferences. The support provided by FLS to our students includes:

  • Assisting overseas students in seeking entry into a programme of their choice in an established UK-based educational institution.
  • Offering advice on visa requirements.
  • Giving students guiding support throughout their study period in the UK – from entry into the UK through to the end of their studies.
  • Offering academic counselling services, IT and English classes through our Saturday school
  • Securing accommodation for overseas students by working with universities and colleges.
  • Providing psychological support to help students deal with ‘cultural shock’.
  • Assisting with information on visa applications in accordance with UKBA criteria.
  • Arranging ‘social welfare services for students.


Please contact us at for admission enquiries.