Examining the role, values, and legal policy issues facing public library resources in supporting students to achieve academic success

Aziaki Public Library

Conference paper and presentation by Dr Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu, Prof Steve Azaiki and Queen Chioma Nworgu presented at XIII BCES Conference, Bulgaria, June 2016.

ABSTRACT: This paper aims to present the role, values, and legal policy issues facing public Library resources in supporting students to achieve academic success. Research indicates that majority of people that own or work in the Library tend to ignore some of the vital roles, values and legal policy issues paramount to libraries. Some of these issues are centred on internet access, data protection, copyright and access for disabled. Whether you are dealing with internet access, data protection, copyright or disabilities, the best way to protect yourself is to be aware of the policies and legal implications that access to library presents. This mini research therefore aims to present the findings and perceptions of Library users with main focus on the role, values and legal policy implications; with reference to Steve Aziaki Library in a Local Community of Bayelsa State of Nigeria and impact on students’ academic success. Collection of data analysis was based on our visit to the Aziaki Library in Yenagoa during the ISCEST annual conference 2014, which gave us access and big opportunity to interview some of the library users to ascertain from them how they perceive the role, values and implications of legal policy on Aziaki Library. The findings of this mini research clearly indicates good benefit and value of library resources and link to academic achievement as well as enhanced research activities of the Bayelsa law students and the entire community; although with few participants not quite sure of the key legal policy implications such as access to disabled students and data protection using the library internet. Few participants stated that it was too early to see the full benefits and full utilisation of resources as the library had recently been built and opened.