Focus Learning Support: Rising to Educational Challenges

Focus Learning Support graduates

Conference paper and presentation by Dr Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu and Queen Chioma Nworgu presented at III ICEST Conference, Nigeria, December 2016. 

ABSTRACT: This paper aims to present the role and activities of Focus Learning Support (FLS), an organisation that provides educational support for overseas students, mainly from Nigeria who are desirous of pursuing academic courses at universities and colleges in the United Kingdom (UK).  In highlighting the importance and role that education plays in the national development of Nigeria, the paper examines the main educational activities that took place from 1960 to the present. It explains how globalisation and its related processes, together with the rapid advancement in technologies, have impacted on national development and general education progress in Nigeria and its citizens that travelled miles away from home town to United kingdom to acquire a British qualification. National economic development, social development in relation to aspirations, resources and equipment, the rising emphasis of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the classroom and ‘migration for education’ trends are identified as the major challenges that young Nigerians face.  The paper shows FLS as the mechanism for effectively addressing the challenges faced by overseas students studying in the UK. It strongly asserts that the delivery of constructive, educational activities in a safe and user-friendly environment will not only motivate students to positive action but will also assist them to make sound educational progress. However, it argues, that this can only be achieved in collaboration with various community groups and organisations. To date, the impact and progress that FLS has made via its seminars and training and development programmes on students from Nigeria have been shown to be effective and productive.  The paper utilises a number of case studies to support this claim and concludes with the comments from the students on how the support from FLS activities have helped them to achieve their career goals in the United Kingdom.