Sharing the experiences of students from Nigeria on strict immigration rules and policy as non-EU students - and implications of ‘Tier 4’


Conference paper and presentation by Dr Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu, Queen Chioma Nworgu and Helen Nworgu  presented at III ICEST Conference, Nigeria, December 2016. 

ABSTRACT: This paper is a revised version of a paper presented and published previously at the BCES conference in June 2015. The paper examined the changes introduced in 2010 to the Tier 4 immigration rules that apply to non-EU students wishing to study in the UK have led to a reduction in the overall number of non-EU students gaining entry to the UK. This paper outlines the reasons for these changes to the UK’s immigration rules and explores the experiences of one group of non-EU students in relation to the new rules. Quantitative and qualitative research methods were used to capture the perceptions of previously 40 students from Nigeria and for this 2016 version, additional 5 students were consulted making a total of 45 on the impact of the 2010 UK Border Agency rules and policy, on their experiences as non-EU students and on their career development. We suggest areas for reviewing the current policy that would improve the experiences of non-EU students, to enable them to maximise the undoubted opportunities of coming to the UK to study and acquire the British education that will enhance their job opportunities all over the world particularly as the case may be in their country of origin.