FLS has been very helpful to me. When I came to the UK, I got frustrated because I needed financial help and academic advice. I thank God I met a friend who requested I should contact FLS. I then checked online and eventually had contact with Dr. Elizabeth, whom I fondly call "Helper” because of how she salvaged the situation. Since then I have never failed to contact FLS whenever I face any challenge.  I recommend that Nigerian students take my advice and contact FLS for any academic problems or to get other advice that they may require.


I came from Nigeria as a mature student with no ICT skills.  I found it rather difficult to cope with my studies because I had to use computers to do my assignments and class presentations.  In fact, everything I did revolved around ICT.  This made me very unhappy.  FLS came to my rescue by giving me extra support at its Saturday School and the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) from the University of East London.


Like every other student that has just arrived from Africa for the first time, I faced many challenges. These challenges were mainly centred on adapting to both social and educational life here in the United Kingdom. This was mainly as a result of the wide difference between the African and the British society… The challenges I faced was very much reduced when I was introduced to the Focus Learning Support Limited.


I dreamt of studying in the UK when I was in secondary school in Nigeria. Coming to UK was my dream come true. However, my first year was not funny. I missed home so much that if allowed; going back should have been a choice, but when FLS visited our College with the Chairman. Their presentation to us was like a medicine to the cure of my home sick. The support and courage picked me up and the most important was working with them until I finished my first degree and progressed to Masters.